March 29, 2009

Record Review: Shortlived LP

When I'd first of Shorlived all I knew was they were from NZ and were often compared to Far Left Limit, the FLL was obviously enough to peak my curiosity as FLL have been one of my favorite bands since I started listening to harDCore.

My record player broke just before I bought this and was okay without having one for a while but when the record arived and it sat on my shelf for a couple of weeks I had to go out and buy a new player.

And I am glad I did!

This record is fucking great, thrashing fast hardcore with great lyrics sort of like a cross between FLL and Extortion and obviously the bands who influenced both those groups? who knows, I have a pretty hard time comparing bands and whatever. Its just super fast and pissed off music. Actually reminds me of why I started listening to this music in the first place. The drums crash and the vocals are so fast in places that its hard to believe there are actual words being screamed.

I can really relate to some of the lyrics for example in "Fundamentalist" - "I wanna go straight edge around all you alcholic punx/But hanging around with straightedgers makes me wanna get drunk"

and the song SAFE AND SECURE about not being 'safe' in this world at all ending with the line "Im safe in the knowledge that Im not safe at all"

This is a record you should try and track down. I think only 200 copies were made?

February 20, 2009

Propagandhi and Conation @ Bar On The Hill, Newcastle

The last time Propagandhi toured was 12 years ago, I was 13 or 14 and JUST getting into music and if anything was only vaguely aware of them. The thing I remember most their tour shirt which was a typical redneck type guy with rifle sites on him. It may have said something about White Pride on it, but I haven't seen one for years and my memory is as faded as these shirts are likely to be these days.
Shit 12 years ago a vast majority of the people at the show would have been younger than 10, kinda makes me feel old.

It's well documented I have a massive hard-on for Conation and, we can be honest here because we are amongst friends, I was more excited to see them than Propgandhi. 2 or 3 years have passed since they played their "last" show and this was a once off Reunion only to play with Propagandhi, and who wouldn't turn that down?
They were so fucking great and just as tight as I remember them being. The records are amazing but their live sound is great. They played for half an hour and smashed through so many songs, I only didn't know one of them so I am unsure if it was a cover or a new song?
Such a great set they opened with Subject To The Artist, which is the one song that made me fall in love with them and ended it with Send The Liars To Abu Ghraib which is a new song that is a winner, its been available as a live track on the Darken Records NCHC comp cd.

Heres hoping Conation get back together and do a tour for their forthcoming new Album.

Propagandhi were amazing. There is not much else to be said about it. They were really fucking tight and fast and loud. Everything you would want from seeing a punk band live. They played a good mix of their older fat records sounding punk and their newer much harder "progressive thrash" sounding stuff. It must be hard for a band who hasn't toured here for 12 years and have released a couple of albums in that time to come up with the right balance of old stuff and new stuff to play from their newest album from 2 or 3 years ago and their album that hasn't been released yet. Before the show I found a leaked copy of the new album and was happy to find it improved on the sound of Potemkin City Limits, it even ups thrash level on some tracks. They played a couple of tracks of the new album and they were impressive.

Some bands you listen to live and then listen to their recorded stuff and you would rather listen to the CD or Record. After seeing Propagandhi live, no matter how good the recorded output is I would rather be seeing them live.

January 22, 2009

Photos Photos Photos

Due to blogger being shit with handling images CLICK EACH PHOTO to see the whole image. I mean this is the internet you should be able to use without explicit instructions but some people may or may not be aware that, ya know, the images are bigger than the appear. Sort of like transformers, more than meets the eye.

Gunsquad first show/Pirate dress up

Gunsquad @ the dead walk!

Gunsquad sometime @ the MM

Built with pride first show, pirate dress up.

Black Lung, First show. Too punx for pirate dress up

Talkin Straights last show

Talkin Straight

Talkin Straight AGAIN

Black Lung last show

Black Lung Last Show

some of these might be a repost, but who cares. Certainly not you if this is the first time you've checked out this blog. All photos are from bands respective lamespace.coms

January 21, 2009

Reviews. Teargas Demo, Nuclear Sex Addict Demo, Shock Troop "Nightmare in 2012" LP

I said I'd write some reviews. Here is the first batch of some mostly new releases. 2 Demo tapes from Australian bands and an LP from, I think, a German band.

The Teargas demo came out towards the end of 2008 and was raved about with almost everyone stating that it should have come out as a 7 Inch EP. The songs are really fucking good in a good fast hardcore way. The evidence shows I am the worst at describing music. Neil, the singer, was also in Draft Dodger so too mean it sounds a fair bit like them for obvious reasons, with less of a Negative Approach vibe.
But this really could have come out as a record if it wasn't for the slightly muffled recording, which might just be due to the transfer to tape.

Nuclear Sex Addict are a new band from Melbourne with members from Pisschrist and ABC Weapons and probably other bands. Right from the onset you know these guys are going to be playing some noisy Japanese hardcore. They have references to GAI and CONFUSE right on the art work. Its a really noisy and raw recording but as if you were expecting anything more? At times its just over distorted guitar fighting feedback. It even sounds as though it was recorded and then compressed at a low bit rate, or maybe this is just the I.T nerd coming out in me, all static and high frequency. There is also this weird mix of d-Beat that you can of have to hear to understand, it sort of doesn't work but at the same time this is when you can make out most of the guitar riffs of which there are plenty and they are blazing. 7 tracks from start to finish and when its done you want more.

Nightmare in 2012 from Shooktroop also came out late 2008. I don't know much about this band. They put out at least one 7inch that was a bit of a slow seller but is now hard to get? Its sort of a mess of Swedish hardcore/crust and Japanese hardcore. I really enjoy the music, its little thrash and the guitars are maybe a little glam, like GISM yeah I'm probably really far off on that one. The vocals are also pretty cool and not usually what I would expect to hear on something like this, really throaty and deep guttural screaming sorta like a grindcore or deathmetal style of vocals. The only thing I didn't like about this release is the vocals are a little bit cheesy and typical for this style of music all about how war sucks and fighting the gov'ment.
for example "hey our world is a place full of hate/humans are everywhere this victims of fate"
just makes me cringe. But whatever its not the message of the lyrics I don't like, its the delivery

January 14, 2009

SHOW: Tyre Swans/The Pocket

This show was simply amazing.
Tyre Swans is made up of 3 singer/guitarists who have each written solo stuff and then decided to record an album playing together on each others songs then go on a tour of the East Coast.

3 guys with some of the most amazing and unique voices in what could be loosely described as "punk rock" although the music they are playing is far from punk.
The 3 members are, Jamie from Conation/Fear Like Us/A Death in The Family, Darren who was in Away From Now and Donnie who has sung in Caustic Soda and Blueline Medic.
Each singers voice really complements each other with them all being in the vein of being really rough and raw yet still being able to draw a lot of emotion and can really bring a lump in your throat if you listen to intense.

The Pocket, who I have written about previously, are now a full band but due to the fact we were having this as an outside show they for obvious reasons only played as the 2 piece that played with Defiance Ohio. Unlike last time I wasn't rushed off my feet and I got a chance to actually listen to them. Really fun, simple folk songs with just a touch of geeky awareness and awkwardness to them.

At first the night started out with a sort of band duel off, with the pocket one side and tyre swans on the other. The Pocket would play a song, then Tyre Swans would and so forth. Finally when some people turned up it was decided The Pocket would play the rest of their songs and Tyre Swans would play their songs.

Well I figured starting the thing at 8 would gives us enough light till around 9 ish. But by 8:30 it was already pretty dark, so Tyre Swans played in the glow of lights from phones and peoples digital cameras. Kind of sucked for them that the light was gone and they had to play via these shitty lights that wouldn't have even been as bright as one candle.

I could obviously write about this for a fairly long time but it will just slug along and get us no where. So lets stop this here before things get out of hand.

This also brings me to the most current events. Obviously I will continue to write about shows and bands that I attend. I might even throw in the odd review of whatever music/game/book/movies I have been getting into.

I probably won't end up doing a good job and end up looking like some scumbag elitist nazi, but hey if the shoe fits.

January 09, 2009


Gary - Vocals, - Grant, Bass - Tom? - Drums, some dude I don't know the name of - Guitar

x it wound x. The newest band in Port is all young dudes who, with the exception of Gary, are doing their first band.

The band are trying to be clever with their name in the same way xfilesx are, but the band name just reads Zit Wounds to me. Maybe thats what they were trying to go for and if so I give them credit but I doubt it.

Its great on one hand to see a new band with new kids, but on the other hand they are just sounding like the last 3 bands to come from port. Heavy with mosh bits and fast bits ripping on deadstare and power violence.

I guess they are trying to be a bit more PV than mosh, with the lyrics trying to sound snotty and pissed off and really negative along the lines of xfilesx, for me it didn't work.

As I wrote in the post previous they have a song called Panic Attack that is inspired by h100s with the end lyrics "panic attack panic attack, attack in your fucking face" ending the song. Again I just didn't by it, Gary is always writing lyrics about being really angry and violent and they just seem really forced just like the song title that I can't remember but it was something along the lines of "I can't be friends with you if you like Earth Crisis and think they are all about the straight edge brotherhood"
With a long title like that who do they think they are, Drowning Man? <-- I have always wanted to name a song that

The first show was really sloppy and they would have been better off to not play and practice for another couple of months before playing. Who knows I might end up enjoying them if they record something amazing but at the moment its run of the mill popular hardcore.

SHOW: Ghost Town and The Street Youth @ Toms Shed

This was the first show I went to at Toms Shed and found it pretty cool as a venue. Most of the bands suffered from not having a powerful enough PA to hear the Vocals over the guitars and the Guitars were too loud to be heard over the drums for the most part.

The first half of this show should have been called "the gary show" as all 3 local bands had him in them, in the end only 2 local bands played as God Eat God didn't play.

XITWOUNDX are a new band who I will write about next. This was their first show and it was pretty sloppy, I didn't enjoy it at all. They did a terrible cover of 5 days of shit from deadstare and when I was hanging around before the show I saw they had lyrics written out that I thought was "panic attack" by the h100s. Turns out it wasn't exactly a cover just stealing some of the lyrics of the cover, I didn't really by it.

Earthlings played a cover of a Life Love Regret song, it wasn't terrible but Drew forgot or couldn't sing the last half of the song.

The other bands were ordinary and I was pretty keen on getting out of there. I had wanted to check out Street Youth just to see what the fuck was supposed to be so good about them. I'd heard their songs and it was terrible. The guys vocals are really weird and almost sound like they would be more at home on a horrible "nu metal" cd.

One of the bands I heard, I couldn't say who but I am guessing it was Touch and Go, was Simon who played in Gun Squad and his new band. Terrible youth crew inspired shit. They did a terrible cover of a Minor Threat song that I am glad I was sitting outside for.

The other band that I heard was at a guess called Skyway. Fuck they were T E R R I B L E. Lots of people were really into them and it made me wonder if I was just an old bitter dude. I have never been able to cope with anyone who listen to hardcore and can still dig on bands like New Found Glory. Oh sure I like to listen to some pop punk every now and then and in my time I have dug some utter shite, so maybe 5 years I would have been stoked on this band but I doubt it as I have never been able to vibe on New Found Glory who these guys were totally ripping off.
They were enough too make me leave the show. No regets on that, I didn't even want to hear Ghost Town and my desire to see Street Youth was small at best.